Basement Redo

Lincoln Custom Masonry replacing an old foundation for a new one in a Lincoln Home.

Your home’s foundation has to be in place, and be functioning for your home to stand, so a lack of attention of necessary repairs can cause a lot of other issues and create bigger problems if left unattended. We’ve addressed some of the issues of a foundation in a previous post. You can find that information here under Leaky Basements.

If you are having foundation problems that may need to be addressed, it’s essential to get an analysis of those problems and how they can be taken care of. Sometimes stopping the problem before it escalates can help the home owner to save money and time by taking on the repairs, rather than having to replace the whole basement.

You may need to ask yourself a few questions, like how you want to use your home in the future. Do you need the extra space in your home by making a livable basement and adding more room for expansion, or do you want to appreciate your home for the purpose of selling it.

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